Industry Glass Solutions

Your organization deserves the best glass products and services, so you can focus on serving your customers. Entrust all your glass care and repair needs to Glass Doctor® of Ashland. If a glass fixture suddenly breaks, we will provide our 24/7 emergency commercial glass repair services, so broken glass is never a concern for long. You can also take advantage of the Glass Doctor Commercial Care program, which gives you access to exclusive discounts, priority service and commercial account setup. As an added bonus, all program participants receive a 15% discount on auto glass services on the organization's property.

Commercial Glass Repair in Ashland

Apartments and Condominiums

In addition to custom doors and windows, we will also install and repair all other glass fixtures on your property. If your gym needs shower stalls, for example, we provide frosted glass solutions that will be perfect. All of your tenants receive a 15% discount on auto glass service if you join our Commercial Care program.

If glass is damaged anywhere on your property, we will provide our emergency commercial glass repair services. Combine this with the Glass Doctor Advance Measurement system, a program designed to map out your apartment building's glass fixtures, so that we're already prepared to fully repair a break the first time around. This saves you time and money since there won't be multiple visits, plus your tenants won't have to wait for glass repair.

apartment windows


We help you define your restaurant's atmosphere with an array of custom glass decor. We will enhance the intimacy of your dining areas with tinted glass doors and windows. We also provide the specialty glass that helps you better service customers. Ask a specialist to install sliding windows for drive-through and sneeze guards for buffets.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Ashland provides customized glass solutions for your school. So you can show off your school pride, we will line entire walls with built-in display cases. For better student safety, we offer fire-resistant glass doors and windows that make it easier to maintain student safety during a fire; we also offer tempered glass to reduce the risk of bodily harm when glass breaks.


In busy retail environments, glass, including storefront glass, is bound to be broken. To ensure this isn't a huge problem for you, we provide 24/7 emergency glass repair service. To reduce liability for your business, we offer tempered safety glass, which shatters into smaller, less dangerous pieces when broken. One of our specialties is providing custom glass decor like glass displays that will protect your most valuable goods, while making them look amazing.

Hotels and Motels

Glass Doctor of Ashland will make even the tiniest of hotel rooms fell more spacious with an array of mirrors. Large reflections create the illusion of depth when properly installed. To keep all of your rooms rentable, combine our emergency commercial glass repair services with our Advance Measurement system so that we can complete full repairs or replacements on the spot. This way, no shower door, vanity mirror or window pane is broken for long.

Cities and Municipalities

You don't have to run a privately owned business to take advantage of our Commercial Care program. We provide government organizations access to all of our services. To maintain the fluidity of your day-to-day operations, we offer new glass door installations and immediate glass repairs. To help you maintain the safety of your employees and government data, we will upgrade your doors and windows to safety glass, which adds an additional layer of protection against fire-related disasters.

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