Advance Measurement System

The most successful businesses are those that have a comprehensive plan to recover after any type of disaster. Glass Doctor® of Ashland advises area businesses to consider the impacts of seemingly smaller incidents and greater glass damage. More than being an eye sore, broken glass may pose security risks or cause business interruptions for a day or more, which some companies cannot afford. Adding proactive glass care solutions to existing preparedness plans ensure quicker business continuity and minimizes the impact of broken panes.

Advanced Measurement System

When you participate in our Advance Measurement system, a Glass Doctor of Ashland specialist surveys your facility. We pre-measures the glass products on your commercial property, makes notes about their features and safety considerations, and creates a detailed diagram. The diagram identifies the location of each glass product using numbers. You receive a copy of the diagram and Glass Doctor of Ashland keeps a copy in your file. If glass on your property breaks, call Glass Doctor of Ashland right away. Our glass specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to perform emergency glass repairs. Use the diagram to let a glass specialist know which glass panes need attention. Thanks to your proactive glass care, we’ll already have the pertinent details on hand and can begin the repair process right away. Pre-establishing credit with Glass Doctor of Ashland further expedites the repair process. If the respective panes are in stock, repairs can commence right away. Otherwise, a glass specialist will place an order.

Proactive Glass Care with In-Stock Options

If your property has glass that frequently breaks, is vulnerable to breaks or is crucial to operations, take advantage of Glass Doctor of Ashland’s In-Stock program. In this program, we pre-order the glass panes that you specify so they’re ready to install in the event of a break. This eliminates the need to order panes and wait for them to arrive.

Proactive Glass Care Advantages

  • Aesthetics: Speedy repairs reduce unnecessary board ups
  • Save time: We complete most repairs in a single visit
  • Safety: Reduce the risk of injuries to employees and customers
  • Security: Quick repairs prevent theft and vandalism
  • Business continuity: Reduced downtime minimizes business losses

Broken glass is bad for business. By implementing proactive glass care with Glass Doctor of Ashland, you’ll receive priority services for your glass-related needs, including emergency glass repairs. Contact Glass Doctor of Ashland today to get started.