Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Add timeless appeal to any room with glass tabletops. Glass Doctor® of Ashland creates custom glass table pieces to refresh or protect your current decor. A well-built glass tabletop will is ageless.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

Our glass specialists will meet with you to discuss your best design options. During this professional consultations we will measure the space and design a glass tabletop or overlay that suits your space and existing furniture. We'll help you decide what's best for your home or business, including about style details like tinting, edgework or thickness. We will also help you avoid safety issues that can arise with heavier custom glass tabletops. Once we create your personal piece, a specialists will return to install the glass.

Extra Protection for Furniture

Glass is the perfect option to protect writing desks from marks and scratches; make a coffee table look its best; or shield antique furniture from damage. Glass tabletops draw the eye, catch light and anchor a room. To match your space's aesthetic, we offer several sizes, shapes and edging options, so your custom glass tabletops will be truly unique. You should also consider our protective options. For instance, tinted glass blocks dangerous UV rays that can fade furniture over time. Safety glass is vital for outdoor spaces, such as patios and poolside. We offer laminated and tempered glass to protect you, your family and your pets from breakage.

Custom Glass Shelves

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom glass shelves are stylish and eye-catching, and they allow you to customize how you use space. By installing custom shelves, you'll cut down on clutter, and create styles that are far more striking than any mass-produced pieces. We will help you design the perfect shelves for closets, kitchens, offices and other spaces.

Function and Visual Appeal

Create a unique look by taking advantage of the wide range of style options we offer. Our glass specialists will help you choose the right shelving for your space. Give your space a unique sense of style with our various design options, including color, tinting and etching. Choose the height, configuration, number of shelves and distance between them, to avoid overpowering your room and to assure everything fits properly.

Take the first steps toward customizing your space. Contact Glass Doctor of Ashalnd today about custom glass tabletops and shelves for your home or business.