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Door Closer Repair Service

Door closers keep premises secure and operating smoothly, which makes your establishment safer for employees and customers. Door closers are the first and last impression a customer will have of your business, but usually business owners don’t have the time or tools to maintain and repair these crucial devices. Count on Glass Doctor® of Ashland specialists to care from your entryways. Our door closer repair service keeps local businesses opening and functioning.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers allow doors to smoothly open with a slight amount of pressure. They shouldn’t be difficult to operate or fly open at the slightest push. After pressure is no longer applied, a spring in the closer should make the door quietly and easily glide shut.

Doors used by the public receive heavy usage and can be more prone to developing problems. They need to be well maintained to ensure that they work as intended.

Door Closer Issues

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

If your door is heavy, you’ll need a strong spring in your door closer. A weak spring may cause the door to become misaligned or cause damage as the door slams open and shut too suddenly. Customers and employees could be injured, which exposes your business to a costly lawsuit if the door wasn’t properly maintained.

Badly Fit Door Closers

Our specialists will make sure your door closers are correctly installed, adjusted and maintained. This will help them operate as intended, keeping your employees and customers safe while ensuring your doors last as long as possible. It’s also important to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for door closers. They address the amount of time a door should take to close as well as the force needed to open interior doors.

Our door closer specialists will help protect your doors from the following:

  • Frame damage
  • Sudden, unexpected movements
  • Misalignments that could make a door difficult to open or close

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken seals may cause oil leaks or hardware problems while allowing your heated or cooled air to escape from your business. Oil leaks will cause a door to open and shut too quickly, causing a hazard and increasing the chance your door will suffer further damage.

Door is Difficult to Lock

Doors that fail to lock when they’re supposed to could pose an immediate security threat to your premises, employees and customers. Your door closer and frame could also be damaged as a result.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your closer is under warranty, it could be voided if someone without training tries to fix it. Our specialists are fully trained to install, maintain and repair door closers and other parts of your door, including frames and hinges.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Ashland to learn more about how our door closer repair service helps area businesses stay safe and secure.