Custom Cut Glass in Virginia Beach

Glass Doctor® of Utah County offers the premier home decor solutions with dynamic custom cut glass for your space. Our consultants are able to guide you through the entire customization process. In addition to providing assistance customizing tabletops, doors, shelves and mirrors, we offer solutions designed to help you protect your home from damaging UV rays with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Trust the experts at Glass Doctor of Utah County in American Fork to help you see your home in a different light.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our experts measure and create eye-catching glass tabletops for your new or existing furniture. With our wide array of size, shape and finished edge options, we will assist you in creating authentic pieces to be used throughout your home.

The design process begins with an in-home consultation. We visit your home and review several glass detail options, such as glass tint, edgework detail and any safety issues related to thicker and heavier glass tabletops. We also offer coated and tinted glass designed to protect your furniture and home decor from harmful UV rays. If you have small children, our tempered and laminated glass options are ideal for protecting them and others from breakage.

Custom Mirrors

One of the best ways to transform a room with decorative flair, add the illusion of space and bolster natural lighting is with custom mirrors. During your consultation, our experts in American Fork will help you choose the optimum mirror solution to get the most from any space.

Patio and French Doors

Restore your old patio or French doors with upgraded doorlites. Rejuvenate entryways and install matching side windows on either side of your front doors to improve your curb appeal. The experts at Glass Doctor of Utah County offer many glass inserts, including:

  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Hurricane-rated laminated glass
  • Regulation-compliant all-weather glass
  • Decorative glass with coordinating side window panes
  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds

We have forged partnerships with several vendors, which allows us to receive in-stock door glass products faster in a much wider array of designs.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are very similar to sunglasses for your home. This film is designed to filter out the harmful UV rays, reduce the glare and reduce the transmission of visible light by up to 10%. As a result, Low-E glass has become popular solutions for office and residential buildings

Benefits of Low-E Glass

Low-E glass offers business owners and homeowners several benefits, such as:

  • Protects draperies, carpets, sofas and other home decor from premature aging and fading.
  • Helps control climate in your home by allowing sunlight into a room without the heat
  • Increases the efficiency of your home by reducing energy consumption costs
  • Increases the overall value of your home

The experts at Glass Doctor of Utah County have the knowledge to transform your decor and increase the efficiency of your home. Contact our experts online or at (801) 763-1155 in American Fork today for the optimum solution.