Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor®of Utah County is equipped to provide glass solutions for every business location in American Fork. With the finest glass specialists on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we have the tools and the know-how to patch up the panes of any building, regardless of industry type. From apartments or condominiums to schools, retail locations and restaurants, nothing is beyond our professional scope. Glass Doctor of Utah County offers the kind of terrific glass renovations that will make your building a popular destination.

One way to reap the benefits of the industry glass solutions offered by Glass Doctor is to sign up for our exclusive Commercial Care program. As a member, you’ll be entitled to a fantastic array of benefits, including:

  • Priority Response Times
  • Discount Prices (including a 15% discount on auto glass)
  • Your Very Own Commercial Account
  • Emergency Board-Up Services

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Utah County offers glass solutions that allow any business operating out of apartments and condominiums to thrive with a strong sense of professionalism. Attractive renovation options for gyms, swimming pool areas and locker rooms are all available, as well as numerous safety glass fittings to ensure the well-being of both staff and customers. Enhance your homes with a frameless shower door installation or natural light infusing glass patio door.

apartment windows


American Fork is home to some terrific restaurants, entrusting Glass Doctor of Utah County to care for your panes will allow help make your location to stand out from the crowd. Decorative and tinted glass fittings are able to make atriums and doorways adopt a gorgeous appearance, whereas buffet glass, drive-up windows and sneeze guards all serve as essential, practical glass solutions. Glass fittings for outdoor areas are also available, including windbreaks, partitions and safety glass.

Schools and Universities

The very best educational facilities in American Fork ought to reflect their high stature with attractive glass fittings. Glass Doctor of Utah County offers the kind of practical, eye-catching glass solutions that allow schools and universities to function to the best of their ability while retaining a highly esteemed appearance. Specialized glass for science laboratories are available, as well as glass for tabletops, windows, desks and display cases. Glass for shower enclosures and locker rooms is also available, along with safety glass that will protect buildings in the event of an unanticipated disaster.


Ensure your customers’ shopping experience is an enjoyable one by creating the kind of retail location that feels warm and welcoming. Our team offer expert fittings for glass shelving, display cases and dressing room mirrors. We provide a wide range of decorative glass options that will keep customers coming back to shop.

Hotels and Motels

Any overnight accommodation buildings require attractive glass panes in order to make customers feel at home during their stay. Glass Doctor of Utah County is able to supply handsome decorative glass for any hotel or motel operating within the American Fork area. Ask our specialists about add shower glass, bathroom mirrors and attractive glass solutions for doors in reception areas. Our team is also able to fit the kind of safety glass required for swimming pool areas and locker rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

Government property needs to adopt an authoritative and professional appearance at all times. The glass renovations offered by our glass specialists are able to make any building achieve the kind of proficient look that’s required. A multitude of eco-friendly glass solutions are also available, as well safety glass, fire-rated glass and bulletproof glass to help protect your building.

For the finest industry glass solutions in American Fork, call Glass Doctor of Utah County today at (801) 763-1155.