Advance Measurement System

Expert business glass care means preparing for any glass damage with a proactive disaster recovery plan. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Utah County offers the Advance Measurement system to all local businesses. This program allows our team to take steps to begin glass care before any panes break. When you sign up, expect our glass specialists to accurately measure and survey all window and door panes in your facility. We record all pane specifications, including dimensions and safety regulations, and conveniently number each pane on an easy-to-read diagram.

Reliable Emergency Repairs

After damages occur, Glass Doctor of Utah County restores your business security with durable, commercial grade panes. Simply refer to your diagram and call to report broken pane numbers. If we have your panes on hand, a mobile glass unit arrives for immediate replacement and glass disposal services. This saves you from excessive expenditures and unattractive exterior board-up. Pre-establish credit and personal contact information to expedite your business glass care restorations.

In-Stock Program Options

Rely on our In-Stock program to accommodate frequent business glass breakage. This option saves you a backup glass supply at Glass Doctor of Utah County, ready for installation at your notice.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Complete installation in one visit
  • Security: Prevent vulnerability to vandalism and theft
  • Curb appeal: Maintain a beautiful, up-to-date exterior
  • Convenience: Expect normal daily business flow
  • Expedience: eliminate needless board-ups
  • Pre-established credit: Expedite billing
  • Liability: Minimize potential customer injury

Serving Orem, Provo and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Utah County delivers business glass care tailored to your individual needs. Call (801) 763-1155 or complete an online order request form to schedule an Advance Measurement inspection. We’ll arrive, ready to discuss program advantages that lower your overhead and provide hassle-free coverage.