Double Pane Window Replacement

Modern homes are designed to resist the ravages of Mother Nature and protect their occupants. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the high-tech windows used today. The newest double pane models with insulated glass are integral for regulating and maintaining the interior climate of your American Fork home.

You should have your home’s windows repaired or replaced as soon as you notice a milky appearance or condensation inside the windowpanes. Condensation usually appears between the panes because of faulty window seals. If you are unsure of the problem, a specialist from Glass Doctor® of Utah County will examine your windows and make appropriate recommendations.

The Benefits of Insulated Glass

double pane window

Insulated glass units(IGUs) provide a thermal barrier against both heat and cold. It not only keeps your home’s interior far more comfortable than single paned windows, but also makes it more energy efficient, reducing the demands on both your heating and cooling systems. Windows save you money and create a more comfortable environment in your Salt Lake City home.

How They Work

The glass panes of an IGU are manufactured from two or more pieces of glass with an insulating spacer between each. The space may be filled with plain air as well as argon or krypton gas. This construction reduces the ease with which heat conducts - or moves - from the outside pane of glass to the interior one. The edges of the panes are sealed with a high-grade compound that prevents any condensation from building up in the space and ruining the window’s efficiency.

Double Pane Window Replacement

The trained glass specialists from Glass Doctor of Utah County understand the ins and outs of double pane window replacement to ensure your American Fork home stays comfortable. Some accidents will require the replacement of the entire window, but for smaller breaks, our specialists can install replacement IGU panes for a fraction of the cost.

For more information about double pane windows, schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Utah County.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.