Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving in Utah County

When traditional store-bought furniture doesn't meet your needs, custom glass solutions offer an excellent alternative. Glass table tops add a beautiful element to your home while fulfilling many purposes. Not only can a glass table top provide a classic ambiance, it also adds a stylish design that doesn't weigh down the room. Glass Doctor of Utah County in American Fork is your local source for custom glass table tops and other decor.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

During a visit from one of our glass experts we'll address the project scope as well as design choices like edgework, glass tint and thickness. You'll learn more about any safety issues and how to avoid them. Once the measurements are obtained and details determined, our team will get to work on your custom glass home solution. Our glass table tops are ideal for:

Graphic of different glass edges
  • Dining room tables
  • Office desks or conference room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Poolside furniture
  • Protective toppers for antique furniture

Choosing custom designs allows you to make each piece unique. Cleaning is easy, and with the right tint, glass table tops can protect and preserve furniture and flooring from the harmful rays of the sun.

Extra Protection for Any Glass Piece

Although heavy glass and glass near the poolside can create issues, when you use laminated or tempered glass, hazards are prevented. Specialty safety glass is a great choice for homes with children and pets, or for glass used in outdoor areas or areas of high traffic. When you consult with our specialist ask which type of glass best suites your needs.

Custom Shelving

Custom glass shelving adds visual appeal and lets your possessions take center stage at any angle. Glass shelving also reduces a cluttered or heavy feel, and is able to be installed in any existing built-in or shelving unit. Installing a glass shelf adds visual appeal and function to a space store-bough shelving cannot achieve.

Visual appeal: Configure your custom glass shelving to make the biggest impact for your American Fork home. Combined with art and light, glass shelving packs a visual punch.

Function: Custom shelving allows you to create solutions tailored to your home. Use glass shelving in any room including bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or main living spaces. A glass shelf will:

  • Enhance ambiance
  • Avoid wasted space
  • Draw the eye with the use of tints and colors

You don't have to settle for limiting store-bought solutions. Schedule a consultation with a Glass Doctor of Utah County specialist through our online portal or with a team member when you call!