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Professional Broken Window Glass Repair

It could be from a home run hit or a tree limb during a storm. Bottom line—a broken window has to be fixed. But sometimes, it's possible to repair the window by replacing the glass. It depends on the break and the condition of the window itself. Call Glass Doctor® at 855-603-1919. Our specialists are always available to provide expert service with no surprises.

Replacing the Broken Glass or the Entire Window?

If your window is overall structurally sound, it may not be necessary to completely replace it. We'll measure the broken glass and simply replace and seal the pane. We do the consultation for free and get the measurements right.

The same goes for double-pane windows with broken seals. The window itself may not be showing any cracks, but when the seal is broken, so is the insulating value. Plus, who wants a window with milky condensation fogging up the glass? We'll fix that, too.

Older Windows

Glass used in windows or doors in older homes can be dangerous. If you have an older home or are renovating one, please check the windows for a manufacturer’s logo etched on the glass. That means the window is paned with safety glass.

If the logo’s not there, you should replace the glass as soon as you can. When safety glass breaks, it crumbles into dull cubes. Older annealed glass shatters in sharp jagged shards that can fly across the room. Maintaining those windows isn’t worth the risk to your family.

Reasons to Replace a Broken Glass Window

Upgrading to Insulated Glass Windows

If your home has been feeling drafty or HVAC bills are climbing, this may be the time to upgrade to modern energy efficient windows.

One of our specialties is insulated glass window units. Insulated glass is double (or even triple) paned windows that are sealed to hold an air pocket in between. That space, sometimes filled with harmless argon gas, is what provides the insulation value and can significantly improve your energy bills.

Heard of Low-E Windows?

Low emission glass is a new technology that we’re proud to represent. Low-E glass contains a thin invisible coating to manage exposure to heat and cold. On a hot day, Low-E windows will reflect heat away from the house. On a cold day, it works the same way but from the inside out — reflecting the heat in your home away from the windows and back into the house.

Call Glass Doctor

If you have questions about windows, don’t go to the hardware store. Give Glass Doctor a call at 855-603-1919. We’re local, bonded and insured and will provide the expert service you need.