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Installing a new custom glass shower can be very expensive. More often than not one of the most expensive components of a shower install is the glass. Glass cost is typically one of the last things customers take into account when doing a bathroom remodel. This is especially true when it comes...Continue Reading

The number one problem that we see with Framed Shower Enclosures is the shower door failing, we go out on service calls about this issue every week. So how does this happen? Well over time the hinge eventually wears out. More specifically, the metal fatigues along the length of the hinge and...Continue Reading

Frameless showers look beautiful when they are installed! They can open up a bathroom and make it look bigger and feel more open. The problem comes into play when curbs or other flat surfaces are not slopped properly.

The frames of traditional showers helped to keep the water in the...Continue Reading

It can be upsetting when your windshield gets hit with a stone on highway 64 and it cracks.  There you are wondering how do I get my windshield replaced, are my insurance rates going to increase, and what about the quality of the glass.

Glass Doctor is a preferred insurance repair...Continue Reading

When your home has suffered damaged panes, it feels like your home is open to the world and your safety has been compromised. 

Glass Doctor® of Virginia Beach has developed equipment and process to repair broken windows the same day the incident occurs. We use the same...Continue Reading

Constructing your Frameless Glass Shower 

When you are planning your frameless glass shower, there are inexpensive things that you can do that will help you enjoy your shower for years to come that begin with the frame. 

Although it is not required, it helps to provide...Continue Reading

The first requirement for getting a windshield replaced, is finding a company that is replacing glass safely, correctly and making that commitment easily identifiable to the public.

I see windshields installed improperly every day; this causes safety issues that are life threatening when...Continue Reading

How do I take care of my new frameless shower door?

Glass is not actually smooth. It feels that way to your fingers, but it is actually very porous. If you looked at glass under a microscope you would see all of the many pores; it would look similar to the Grand Canyon. 

The...Continue Reading

What is safe drive away time and why should you be concerned about it?

Windshields, unlike other components of your car or truck, are not mechanically fastened to the vehicle. This comes as a great surprise to almost everyone. 

Windshields are held in place with an adhesive...Continue Reading

What causes a window to get condensation, mist or fog between the panes of glass?

To understand this issue and how it occurs you need to first understand how a double pane window is constructed. A double pane window is commonly referred to as an...Continue Reading