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Frameless Shower Doors and Maintenance

How do I take care of my new frameless shower door?

Glass is not actually smooth. It feels that way to your fingers, but it is actually very porous. If you looked at glass under a microscope you would see all of the many pores; it would look similar to the Grand Canyon. 

The pores trap the soap scum and minerals fro the water. Coating your glass helps fill in the pores and reduces the amount of soap scum and minerals that can stick to the glass. The end result is less maintenance. 

At Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach we use Diamon-Fusion International coatings. Diamon-Fusion has created a YouTube video to help explain the coating. When Diamon-Fusion is applied to glass, the liquid has difficulty sticking to the treated glass. Having a coating of Diamon-Fusion on your glass still requires some minor maintenance, but it gets rid of the majority. 

For more questions about our glass coating, call Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach at 757-663-5712.