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Window Repair & Replacement

Windows are an important aspect in any room. They open your home to fresh air, control your interior climate and act as a layer of security. When windows are compromised, damaged or ineffective, you immediately worry about the time and cost of repairs. Glass Doctor® of Virginia Beach strives to make each window repair or replacement a seamless experience. We provide up-front price guarantees, and send you our glass specialists, who will deal with your issues in prompt and professional way.

Window Repair

foggy window and clear window

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach performs repairs and replacements for many types of windows and other glass pieces in your home. Our services benefit home and business owners in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

Emergency Services

Rest easier knowing Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach has your back 24/7. If your window has been damaged, cracked or broken, call our glass specialists any time of the day or night. We will send someone out to you right away to either repair or board up your window. If your window has a temporary solution, we will set up a time to make the permanent fix.

Double Pane Window Repair

If you notice your heating and cooling unit is working harder than normal, or see signs of an inefficient window, contact our team of professionals to fix the problem. Anytime you feel a draft, see condensation settling between your panes or a milky film distorts glass, your window needs assessment. Boost your curb appeal and get your house functioning optimally again with a double pane window repair. We don’t have to replace the whole window in many cases; our experts always try to repair the panes or seals first.

Specialty Glass Repair

Our glass specialists can replace or repair any custom windows in your home. From garage doors and kitchen cabinets to entry doors and glass tables, our team will fix any custom glass issues you face. We are also able to work with glass home decor, such as mirrors and glass shower doors.

Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach will replace and upgrade your windows. We use insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, which are more efficient window types than single pane units. Our experts will replace old, worn or broken windows with more advanced technology, optimizing the climate control in your home, reducing noise and increasing home value and curb appeal. 

Additional Glass Services

Choose from a selection of extras for your windows. Our team can tint your windows to protect from harmful UVA and UVB exposure. We can also apply a layer of glass protectant using our Clear Choice™ treatment. The protectant will prevent staining and scratching, and will reduce the buildup of dirt and grime. Use Clear Choice™ on porcelain, tile or granite as well.

Our professionals will also perform window component repairs. If you have difficulty opening your windows or any broken latches on your units, make sure to ask about our options.

Gain the Advantage

Investing in the Advantage Plan® from Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach gives you excellent service and savings perks. You’ll receive priority scheduling and discounts on every service. All services performed during your membership will come with a breakage guarantee for the lifetime of your membership.

No matter if your glass requires emergency care or careful craftsmanship, call Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach now!