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Double Pane Windows

While your home protects you from weather extremes, your windows could be the source of temperature fluctuations. Windows that aren’t sealed well or only have one pane of glass allows the comfortable air inside your home to escape or heat rooms when the sun shines. To help regulate the comfort levels in your home, Glass Doctor® of Virginia Beach, offers insulated glass units, such as double pane glass, to upgrade the windows in your home. If you already have insulated glass in your Virginia Beach home, we are happy to create custom replacements when the seal or glass breaks.

What is Double Pane Glass?

double pane window

Double pane windows are made of two pieces of insulated glass separated with an insulated spacer. Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach uses super spacers, warm-edge, foam core spacers that also seal windows. Super spacers give glass higher insulating values and prevent thermal conductivity.

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach uses a high-grade sealant around each unit to prevent the formation of condensation between the panes. Depending on your needs, our glass specialists may use krypton or argon gas in the space between the panes to further insulate the unit.

Double Pane Glass Improves Energy Performance

Double pane glass prevents uncomfortable outside air from entering your home, allowing the temperature inside to remain consistent. At the same time, the insulated glass reflects the sun’s rays to reduce heat gains and prevent furniture, artwork and other decorative items in your Virginia Beach home from fading and yellowing. By reducing heat gains and air leaks, your home’s cooling and heating systems run more efficiently and use less energy.

Replacing Double Pane Glass

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach specializes in manufacturing and replacing insulated glass units. While other glass companies generally take five to seven days to acquire new windows for you, our team only takes two days. To help you save money, our glass specialists use the existing window frame and grid, eliminating the need to replace the entire window. We do offer emergency glass replacement for double plane windows depending on availability. Contact our office for availability. 

Whether you want to upgrade the windows in your home or need to fix a broken seal, Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach is ready to help. Call us today to learn more about our services!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.