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Shower Door Repair - The Case of the Tilting Door

A glass shower door with a bar handle

The number one problem that we see with Framed Shower Enclosures is the shower door failing, we go out on service calls about this issue every week. So how does this happen? Well over time the hinge eventually wears out. More specifically, the metal fatigues along the length of the hinge and cracks. The structural integrity of the hinge has now been compromised and will only get worse over time. Ultimately, if not serviced properly the door will begin to tilt and eventually fall. I’ve even seen it where the door has failed and fallen on the home owner!

tilting shower door

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

How long have I had this shower?

What we are really after is the age of the hardware or hinges that surround your shower enclosure. Take a minute and view your hinges that surround your shower enclosure. If you think that one of them or any of them are cracking or that something looks wrong then please give us a call!

Does my shower door look safe?

If you believe that your shower isn't safe because of certain noises or cracked glass, then you need to give Glass Doctor a call too. If you've looked at your hinges already and determined that everything looks good, but then still think something is "off" then give us call. Let's look at it together!

Is my shower door tilting?

If you looking at your shower door and think that it's tilting at all then its time to get serviced. At this point, your family's safety is of primary importance as you don't want this door falling on anyone! Please give Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach a call today.

How Glass Doctor Can Help

Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach can help you with this type of problem! First, if you can identify the original shower manufacturer we might be able to order a new door. If you can't identify the manufacturer then we will need to look into other options such as building a new shower enclosure.