Door Closer Repair Service

For business owners, very few things compare to seeing a steady flow of customers in and out of your business. However, components of the door system, such as the frame, lock, door knob, and door closer are subjected to a massive amount of wear and tear because of traffic. Your door closer requires periodic maintenance and repairs to keep the unit working properly and safely. Glass Doctor® of Tucson offers high quality door closer repair service that will keep your door functioning smoothly and safely. When your door closer needs maintenance, repairs or replacement contact the experts.

Door Closer Systems

Many companies manufacture door closers, which make a variety of branded technology and architectural finishes available. Generally, all door closers work the same. The device contains a compression ring that store kinetic energy as the door opens and a spring that provides the closing force. However, commercial door closers contain a lightweight oil that slows the spring down as it closes the door.

Many local building and fire codes as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act have specific guidelines that cover the specifications for the use of door closers in commercial and other public environments.

Door Closer Care and Maintenance

All door closers require periodic inspection and maintenance. Our experts will check the device for proper attachment and adjustment, evidence of leaking oil, wear of components, and over all operation. If your door closer malfunctions or needs repairs or replacement, you need to address the problem immediately. Our technicians can help with any problem, including:

  • Faulty installation and adjustments: At Glass Doctor of Tucson we have the latest tools and equipment and employ the industry’s best practices for every job. Subpar installations and adjustment compromises the reliability of door closers.
  • Improper replacement door closers: The heavy weight of a commercial door requires the use of door closers that have durability and reliability. If the door has the wrong door closer it can cause the door to suddenly stop or slam, which can lead to serious safety issues and possible liability.
  • Oil leaks and seal repairs: Worn and damaged seals can result in a clearance gap or oil leak. If your door closer leaks oil, it can indicate mechanical issues, such as a broken seal, damaged O-ring or missing screw.
  • Malfunctioning lock: A faulty lock undercuts the reliability of your door system and increases your risk level.

Remember, preventative maintenance on your door closer eliminates problems and ensures that the entire door system have a prolong life.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Call the specialists at Glass Doctor of Tucson. We provide a full range of door closer repair care, including service, adjustment and replacement. Our team also have expertise in doorframes, hinges, thresholds, and business storefront glass repair and replacement. We service the glass needs of both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today!