Custom Mirrors

Represent your style in every piece of decor throughout your home, including mirrors. Glass Doctor® of Tucson is prepared to create perfect accents mirrors to showcase your space and your taste. Whether your home features vintage furniture or modern pieces, mirrors will enhance your space.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

The versatility of mirrors is precisely why designers rely on mirrors to enhance spaces. Use mirrors to turn small spaces into cozy corners and dark rooms into bright spaces. Tiled and framed mirrors highlight the unique curves and details of your home’s architecture. Some great options for using custom mirrors to open up and highlight your space are:

  • Mirrored walls: Small hallways are magnified
  • Mirrored backsplashes: Expands the feel of smaller kitchens
  • Statement mirrors: Creates a beautiful focal point for living rooms and bedrooms

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

Tucson is known for great artwork. Glass Doctor of Tucson will show you how to use mirrors to highlight your collections from modest pottery and tin-work to intricate paintings and sculptures.

  • Mirrored shelves: Provide a 360 degree view of your stand-alone art pieces
  • Hanging mirrors: Use hanging mirrors to direct light into the areas where you want to highlight your decor
  • Framed mirrors: Create mirrors that become part of your art collection

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Flood homes with more natural light using mirrors. Creating the perfect interior ambiance begins with good lighting, a lack of windows is no barrier to a beautiful interior with custom mirrors.

  • Tabletop and mounted mirrors: Let the power of reflection spread light throughout a room by shining light from desk lamps and wall sconces
  • Bedroom mirrors: Open up your place of rest with mirrors that increase light from windows and lamps

Get the Whole Picture

Full length mirrors not only reflect light and give the illusion of space, they are perfect for checking your ensemble and styling yourself. Framed or floor to ceiling mirrors in bathrooms or bedrooms create a touch of class, increase light and help you get the full picture of yourself as you prepare for the day. Entryway mirrors provide that quick check to make sure you have it all together as you head out to meet the day.

No matter the size or shape of the mirror you desire, we promise to deliver a quality product. Contact Glass Doctor of Tucson today for an in-house consultation.