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Door Closer Repair Service

Functioning door closers improve the image of your business and enhance safety and comfort indoors. Only a professional has the knowledge and tools to properly fit a door closer. At Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH, our specialists are trained in door closer repair and maintenance to provide you with the support you need to keep mechanisms working properly.

Door Closers

Door closers are fitted on manual doors to improve the ease and safety of opening a door and close automatically after use. This leads to greater fire safety and better temperature regulation.

Reasons for Door Closer Repair

There are several reasons why you may need to contact us for door closer repair:

  • Your doors have the wrong type of door closers. We will ensure doors are matched with appropriate springs for their weight. Heavy doors need stronger springs to avoid damage and misalignment of door closers.
  • Your door closers require adjustment. If your door is mistreated, for instance, if it suffers excessive force, the spring may need adjusting to prevent its breakage.
  • Oil levels are low. If you notice a gap between a door closer and the doorframe, the seal is probably broken. A broken seal can cause an oil leak. The lubricant can also leak due to a mechanical issue, such as a missing screw or broken O-ring. In either case, your door may start opening or closing too quickly, which poses a safety risk.
  • You are experiencing difficulty locking the door. If you are unable to lock your door easily, ask one of our specialists to diagnose the problem. Leave this issue too long and you may end up seeing damage on the doorframe or door closer.

Door closer repair is no simple task, and only trained professionals can perform maintenance work. Avoid further damage to your door closer by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH as soon as you notice any problems.