Window Repair & Replacement

Window Repair & Replacement | Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA windows and doors are versatile and beautiful. The right windows open up interior spaces with natural light, but when glass panes break, it's a problem. Broken glass diminishes your home’s appearance and causes safety and security hazards. It's important to have repairs completed quickly and professionally. Glass Doctor® of Rock Valley, IA understands your concerns, so we offer quality products and services with up-front pricing. Our courteous professionals repair your home quickly and we guarantee our work.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Broken windows are an open invitation to intruders. Glass shards and debris cause injuries. Your safety, security and peace of mind are important, so we respond quickly to your window glass repair emergency. When your panes are in stock, we finish your window glass repair in a single service call. If we must order your glass, we clear away debris and board up any openings. When your glass arrives, we complete the job at your convenience.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows insulate your home by keeping cold and heat outside and climate controlled air inside. They lose their insulating effectiveness over time as seals wear with age. You notice the signs of deterioration when condensation builds up between panes or windows become foggy. Double pane replacement is an economical alternative to replacing an entire window.

Specialty Glass Repair

At Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA, we offer a range of convenient repair, restoration and design solutions. Our professionals repair cabinets, garage doors, and patio and entry doors. We install new windows and entryways to renew your exterior. Ask our team to create custom-cut mirrors and tabletops. We'll add a wide selection of home glass decor to add beauty and functionality throughout your home.

Window Replacement

Window glass repair is a convenient, economical fix for deteriorating windows, but sometimes it’s necessary to replace them. When it’s time for a window upgrade, our specialists present replacement options which allow you to improve your home with the features and functionality you prefer.

Insulated Glass Units

Double and triple pane windows give your home a comfort upgrade. They prevent climate controlled air from escaping while keeping extreme temperatures outside. This insulating action saves money by lowering your energy costs.

Low-Emissivity Windows

Low-E windows have a thin metallic coating, which allows sunlight to enter your home while minimizing heat and glare. The coating also reduces the entry of damaging UV rays, which cause fabrics and home furnishings to fade.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant adds a protective layer to glass, granite, tile and porcelain surfaces. One application reduces the potential for harm due to stains, scratches and dirt build-up. It guards surfaces against hard water, mineral deposits, environmental contaminants and more.

Window Component Repair

Our specialists offer window repair solutions for broken locking mechanisms, balances, sash locks, tilt latches and windows that are hard to open.

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When you become an Advantage Plan® member, you qualify for exclusive services, options, and savings:

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  • Glass-breakage guarantee

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