Auto Glass Care

Every driver has experienced the annoyance and disgust of a pebble damaging your pristine windshield. The quickest way to ensure a quality repair is to trust a professional to address the damage. Glass Doctor® of Rock Valley, IA will repair or replace your auto glass, ensuring every service meets our quality standards for safety. Drivers will find Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA delivers convenient and superior auto glass care.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your windshield has suffered minor damage, and the chip has not grown beyond the size of a half-dollar coin, the windshield will mostly be able to benefit from repair. Auto glass repair is done onsite, at your location and takes less than an hour to complete. Unless the chip is directly in the driver's sight line, our specialists usually fill the area with a resin to prevent further damage to the windshield. Once the resin cures, the vehicle is ready for the road.

Sometimes the windshield damage is severe enough to merit replacement service. Cracks, especially those left untreated, commonly result in a windshield replacement. Untreated cracks expand, obscuring a driver's field of vision and lowering a vehicle's crash safety support. Windshield replacement work is completed at our Rock Valley shop. The old windshield will be removed, the frame will be cleaned and an adhesive will be applied all around the edge. Then the new windshield, which matches the original's quality, is fitted guarantying an airtight seal.

Auto Glass Replacement in Rock Valley

Windshields aren't the only type of glass that Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA replaces. Windows, back windshields, sunroofs and side mirrors are made from tempered glass. This type of glass shatters safely when damaged, so replacement is a must. Our specialists will replace driver's tempered glass at our shop. Contact us for an estimate and schedule an appointment to have the work done.

Protection for your Auto Glass

To ensure that your windshield is protected in the future against other mishaps, take advantage of the Installation package. All windshield replacements include the basic Windshield Protection Plan the Future Installation package adds labor with the option of including an application of Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment. Hydrophobic Coating protects your vehicle's glass from the discoloration of water stains and mineral deposits, and makes it resistant to scratches, environmental pollutants and the effects of weathering.

When your vehicle's glass is damaged, contact the company whose business is glass,Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA. We deliver the best products, services and customer satisfaction.