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Shower Door Installation

Upgrading the appearance, comfort and value of your home is foremost in the minds of most homeowners. Glass Doctor® of Rock Valley, IA, serving Rock Valley, Sioux Center and surrounding areas, presents many exciting options for bringing new life and style to bathrooms and other areas of your home.

Properly selected glass shower doors, tub enclosures and fixtures will bring elegance to your bathroom. The additional glass will diffuse and reflect light that adds dimension and an enhanced sense of space to the room.


The glass design specialists at Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA will work with you to identify solutions that best satisfy your personal goals in upgrading any bathrooms areas. We offer a wide range of remodeling ideas and accessories to spark your imagination.

Our specialists will guide you through the entire process of design, budget, installation and maintenance. Important factors that will need to be considered before installation are the additional weight the supporting structure can bear and whether the shower walls are drywall or tile. Measurements will be taken to determine precise placement and sizes and to ensure that the proper shower head is chosen to keep the water within the enclosure. In addition, proper ventilation is a critical component of any attractive and functional bathroom.


At our shower Idea Center, our specialists are professionally trained and experienced in upgrading bathrooms. Whether the project requires the replacement of shower doors or that more extensive bathroom makeover that you have long imagined, our team is skilled in creating the desired effect. Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA offers a wide range of styles and components from glass shower doors to more elaborate custom enclosures.


We will provide options to fit your vision and budget. Once a plan is decided and the bathroom has been surveyed to determine the extent of labor and other procedures required, our glass specialists will develop a certified written proposal for the job.

Our specialists fully embrace the Glass Doctor values of respect, integrity and customer focus and are committed to an open and honest discussion from the very first contact. There will be neither surprises nor hidden costs when you work with our team.


Before starting, our specialists will create a strategy to minimize interference with your daily lives during the installation process. A lead-time will be established and installation date scheduled to accumulate the glass, hardware and equipment to complete the job in the shortest time possible.

During installation of showers door or tub enclosures, the specialists will prepare the area, install the U-channels that will hold the glass in place, insert the glass pieces, and apply urethane to seal the glass into the channel. Top head channels are installed, if required, and the door is fastened to the hinges. Then the installer will mount the connection and door hardware.


As a special protectant and to make cleaning easier, Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA recommends a Clear Choice™ coating, designed to minimize soap scum and stains left by hard water. Clear Choice makes the glass easier to keep clean and will retain the new look longer.

The first step to new and exciting shower doors and tub enclosures is to stop by or call Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA. We will be pleased to discuss any glass repair or renovation that you may be considering.