Double Pane Windows

Sudden temperature changes and severe weather can harm your home’s windows. Damaged window seals can keep the air in your home from being properly heated or cooled. Even homes with double pane windows face insulation issues when a window seal is broken or decayed. Damaged window seals may have foggy glass, appear milky or show signs of condensation under or between the windowpanes. With energy costs steadily rising, it is important to evaluate the efficiency of your windows. At Glass Doctor® of Rock Valley, IA, we will help you regulate your interior climate and increase your overall air quality by providing insulated glass units (IGUs).

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Insulated glass units increase the comfort level of your home and provide a higher level of energy-efficiency by reducing the amount of warm and cold air that travels in and out of the home. During the chilly winter months, IGUs reduce heat transmittance through windows so that your home stays warm and toasty. In the summer, they keep your home cool and dry by reducing heat gain and air leaks from the outside.

The energy-efficient properties of IGUs, make your home considerably less expensive to maintain and more environmentally friendly. Insulated glass units are easy to manage and painless to clean. They also have valuable noise canceling properties, so your home stays quieter, all year long.

Insulated glass units consist of a minimum of two solid glass pieces, along with an insulating spacer, which separates the panes of glass and provides an airtight seal between them. A special moisture absorbing material called a desiccant, or a warm-edge glass spacer, may be used by a specialist to fill the window spacer.

Our glass specialists will seal the entire perimeter of your windows, using a quality, high-grade sealant. This sealant will prevent condensation from accumulating between the windowpanes. An argon or krypton based gas may also be added to the airspace between some insulated glass units to provide additional insulation and protection.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Insulated window glass replacement is one of our specialties at Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA. Insulated glass window replacement does not have to be expensive. In many cases, one of our glass specialists can install insulated glass replacements in your existing frames, without having to replace an entire window. Insulated glass units are a worthwhile investment, which will save you time an hassle for many years to come. Contact us for a consultation.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.