Emergency Business Glass Services

Glass Doctor® of Rock Valley, IA offers fast, emergency glass repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If we can't fix it immediately, we will do an emergency board-up at the damaged site and be back with a replacement window as soon as possible. Here is how it can work for your business:

Faster Emergency Repairs

The in-house staff and installation team at the Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA understand the need for dependable and timely service when an emergency occurs. Our glass specialists will get your business back up and running in the fastest manner possible. For even more expedited service, consider enrolling in our Advance Measurement program. This is a proactive program that measures all the windows, doors and other glass fixtures at your location. In the event of an accident that damages any of these materials, we can check our inventory and cut to size a replacement and have it installed in a single visit. In short, you will save time and money as well as keep your location safe and secure in the shortest possible amount of time.

Commercial Care Policy

Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA also offers a comprehensive glass care program known as Commercial Care. If enrolled, you, your staff and your business are provided with a host of benefits including:

  • Skilled, always on-call team - A dependable team that understands its business is always available whether you need an interior glass partition repaired or a storefront needs to be boarded up.
  • Priority emergency response times - With a commercial care policy, your needs - both business and personal will take priority in the event of an emergency. No need to worry about your glass repair needs should a hurricane, fire or flood arise.
  • Discounted services - Not only do you get the best and speediest glass repair service in the northwest Iowa area, you also receive the lowest rates.
  • Commercial account services - Our commercial care members are provided with a single point of contact at a dedicated 800 number. They also receive a consolidated bill that itemized each repair or installation by date and location.

Regardless of your repair needs, the professionals at Glass Doctor of Rock Valley, IA are here for you, offering replacement glass, custom glass services, mirrors and more. We fix your panes!®