Industry Glass Solutions

Operating a commercial property is a responsibility that requires diligence. Accidents, attempted theft or deliberate glass damage creates liabilities, especially if your location is utilized by the general public. Glass Doctor® of Ramsey alleviates your maintenance burden by providing professional vendor services, designed to deliver property care solutions that reduce the costs, aggravations and dangers associated with commercial glass repair and replacement.

Professional Glass Care for Every Business

Living Facilities and Overnight Accommodations

Managing apartments, condos and other long-term rentals is cost intensive. Maintenance expenses are never-ending and residents expect functional amenities. Our Commercial Care program makes it easy for you to maintain the appearance and functionality of your rental units and your communal facilities. We deliver innovative solutions that reduce energy costs and enhance property resale values.

apartment windows

Professional Offices

Healthcare and legal professionals rely on their reputation. A cracked window or a damaged door not only looks shabby, it presents security dangers that beckon criminals. Our glass specialists are able to smoothly conduct your commercial glass repair and offer enhanced security options for your business. Our extensive selection of impact-resistant glass provides enhanced protection from break-ins. Moreover, we offer a variety of custom interior glass decor and remodeling possibilities designed to improve the appearance and functionality of your office. Our experts provide on-site consultations concerning privacy glass, custom mirrors and cabinet doors that generate a professional, upscale image for your office.

Retailers and Restaurants

Serving the public on a daily basis presents its own unique set of challenges. Broken windows, vandalism or similar damage to your storefront adds time-consuming pressures to your already hectic, demanding schedule. Our commercial glass repair programs offer vendor solutions designed to limit your business vulnerability.

Publicly Owned Properties

Schools and universities, as well as state, local, and federal buildings must conform to heightened safety regulations. Our glass specialists are well versed in current compliance laws and carry up-to-date insurance. Moreover, we process all of the vendor vetting paperwork for you, reducing the time required for issuing, scheduling, and coordinating commercial glass repair and replacements.

Enrich educational facilities with custom glass display cases, observational security glass, and similar innovative ideas that support the learning environment. Fire-resistant glass upgrades also improve building and occupant safety.

Glass Doctor of Ramsey offers commercial glass repair and replacement solutions for any industry application. Our professional conduct on-time scheduling, and priority emergency service make it easy to restore or enhance your property. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.