Double Pane Windows

If maintaining your home’s temperature and energy efficiency has become a challenge, it may be time to consider a window upgrade. Glass Doctor® of Ramsey upgrades your old windows with newer multi-pane insulated glass units (IGUs). IGUs increase not only the beauty and value of your home, but also reduces your energy bills by preventing summer heat gain and winter heat loss.

Insulated Glass Repair

double pane window

If your home already has double pane windows, but condensation or a cloudy substance appears between your panes, our glass specialists have a solution. Condensation develops when the window’s seal fails. When this happens, the vacuum or gas escapes and the external air invades the space between the panes. Seals fail due to improper installation, inferior sealants or extreme weather conditions.

Our glass specialists will replace your home’s existing windows. We offer several different insulated glass options, including single-sealed replacement windows, and for extra protection, dual-sealed replacement windows.

Double Pane Windows

If you are considering a home improvement project, double pane windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency. At Glass Doctor of Ramsey, one of our specialties is insulated window glass replacement. Our trusted glass experts are fully trained to replace and install every window in your home. Call us today or schedule an appointment with one of our glass specialists!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.