Window Repair & Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Ramseywill replace old, drafty windows with more energy-efficient models, repair broken glass or install windows with expert care. Regardless of the renovation or repair, you have in mind, our team is up to the challenge. Receive expert window repair or glass replacement day or night. Our glass specialists will provide you with an accurate, up-front cost estimate along with flexible scheduling.

Window Repair in Ramsey

Emergency Services

If a storm or accident occurs, shattering a window in the middle of the night, Glass Doctor of Ramsey is ready and able to respond. Our glass specialists will arrive at your home to board up any shattered windows so you can sleep easily through the night. If you would like us to board up the window and return the following day to complete the repair, we will schedule a time that works best for your lifestyle. Contact us over the phone or simply fill out an online service request to get the assistance you need right now.

Double Pane Window Repair

Depending on the extent of the damage, a complete replacement of the window may be unnecessary. A specialist will evaluate your windows to determine the best solution for your double-pane windows.

Custom Glass Repair

Our seasoned glass specialists possess years of experience performing repairs on a variety of sensitive specialty glass mirrors, tabletops, doors, ornate windows and more. If your favorite custom glass table, patio door, cabinet or entryway becomes damaged beyond repair, our team of specialists will cut glass that corresponds to the unique specifications of what you need to be replaced.

Window Replacement in Ramsey

From complete home renovation projects to replacing a single window, Glass Doctor of Ramsey has the experience to get the job done right. We provide our loyal clients with convenient, flexible scheduling, outstanding craftsmanship and competitive prices that won't leave your wallet empty.


Our insulated glass units (IGUs), for instance, are comprised of several panes of glass separated by pockets of air that work to insulate your property from heat gain or noise pollution. Our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is another option worth considering. Equipped with a thin layer of metallic coating, excess heat is deflected without sacrificing the ability for natural light to enter your home. Homeowners will enjoy lower energy bills all year long while also improving the market value of their house.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Defend your investment from future damage. Ask our specialist to apply Hydrophobic Coating to your glass, tile, granite or porcelain surfaces. Our protectant will ensure that environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and hard water don't wear your pieces down over time. Plus, Hydrophobic Coating reduces cleaning time so you can enjoy your home more.


Protect your home's furnishings, antiques and precious wood surfaces from harmful ultraviolet rays by investing in window tinting. Homeowners will alleviate problems caused by exposure to the sun while simultaneously reducing monthly energy prices.

Window Component Repair

Stubborn windows, locks and latches will quickly be repaired or replaced by our seasoned team of glass specialists.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor of Ramsey offers our Advantage® Plan to customers, a members-only program that provides considerable savings and additional services, including:

  • Reduced costs for future repairs or services
  • Prioritized scheduling
  • No-Charge in-home inspection
  • Complete guarantee against breakage for any installation service

If damaged or broken windows are beginning to be a nuisance, don't put off window repair or replacement another day. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of Ramsey today to receive outstanding customer service from start to finish.