Expert Custom Mirrors in Ramsey, NJ

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Custom mirrors add much more to your home or office than a reflective surface. The team at Glass Doctor® of Ramsey includes interior design specialists who can show you how to maximize the beauty and square footage of your living space with custom mirrors.

Custom Mirrors for Every Home

The Illusion of Space

Custom mirrors can make small areas appear much larger by reflecting light and expanding the space. In fact, a tiled or framed mirrored wall is one of the best ways to make a room look and feel much more spacious; it's also an attractive addition to any room in the house, especially a bathroom. Other Glass Doctor of Ramsey custom mirror options include:

  • Mirrored hallways: Add depth to your entryway or length to a small hallway.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Your tiny kitchen will appear more spacious.
  • Focal points: A custom mirror above a fireplace or in a master bedroom can make a lovely interior design statement and create a pivotal point for the room.

Art and Décor

Collectibles can be tastefully displayed with a glass case or shelving unit that features mirrored shelves. You can also choose from a large assortment of tints, edging, beveling, finishes or framing that works best with your interior design.

  • Tinting: You'll be amazed to learn the technology of tinting glass and mirrors have evolved to include tasteful, invisible-looking tints. But you may want to take advantage of colors to accentuate your home or business interior design.
  • Wall Hanging mirrors: Often, a well-placed hanging mirror is a solution to a problem wall space.
  • Framed mirrors: Your choice of frame can make the mirror itself a piece of art. Many interior decorators include framed, rather than frameless, mirrors for bathrooms, too.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Spread both natural and artificial light throughout every room of your home with the help of mirrored tabletops or hanging mirrors. For areas of the home without windows, a few mirrors in just the right place will illuminate virtually any otherwise dark room.

To bring more light into your home's interior, consider one of the following mirrors:

  • Bedroom mirrors: To reflect both natural light from windows and artificial light from lamps, a bedroom mirror or two will work wonders.
  • Mounted Mirrors: Magnify the illumination created from desk lamps, mounted lanterns or other light sources.

First Impressions

The appearance and flow of a room are managed by light. Whether it's natural or well-placed artificial lighting, custom mirrors can maximize an area's appeal and attractiveness by redirecting available light, including desk lamps or ceiling light fixtures.

When visitors enter your home, their first impressions will follow them from room to room, so a full-length mirror in an entrance makes an impressive statement. Bedrooms and closets are also other perfect sites for a walled or full-length mirror. Glass Doctor of Ramsey will help you explore the wide variety of options and styles:

  • Floor-to-ceiling: Appearances matter! In your bedroom closet or near your exit door, a floor-to-ceiling custom mirror gives you a final glimpse of how you look.
  • Framed: Ornate or minimalist; your frame options are unlimited and will enhance a space or room beautifully. One thing to remember is that when blending antiques and new decor, the integrity of your mirrors can be protected with tinting. New mirrors can even be patterned or aged to work better with vintage furnishings.

Custom Mirrors from Glass Doctor of Ramsey

Glass Doctor of Ramsey professionals can help you with your remodeling or new-build project this year! We live in Mahwah, Paramus, Westwood and surrounding Bergen County areas, so our friends and neighbors know they can depend on us for the best quality of service at a fair price.

If you would like more information about custom mirrors for your home decor, call 201-258-7793 or contact us today. At your onsite consultation, we'll assess what you need now and even tell you about ways to save on energy costs for the future. Schedule an appointment or request information online.