Custom Glass Solutions in Anniston

For your home to reflect who you are, it needs unique features that show off your style. One great way to personalize your Oxford home is with custom glass decor. At Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL, our specialists create glass pieces for every setting, ranging from table tops and mirrors to patio doors and shelves. Whether you want to change your home’s appearance, protect furniture or improve energy efficiency, we have custom glass decor to suit you.

Glass Decor for Every Home

Glass Table Tops

A glass table top has numerous purposes; it can update the look of your current furniture, keep an antique safe from damage or turn a basic table into a statement piece. Our specialists go beyond simply measuring and cutting glass to your specifications; we will include you in the design process, allowing you to choose your preferred edging, tint and glass thickness. We also take safety into consideration and will advise you on the heaviness of glass suitable to your needs. For outdoor tables, we offer safety glass to prevent accidents in the case of breakage and UV tinting to avoid fading.

Custom Shelves

Nothing is more stunning than glass when it comes to shelves. When you choose Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL for your custom glass decor, our specialists will also provide you support in the number and placement of shelves for optimal visual effect and functionality.


There is no need to limit mirrors in your Oxford home to bedrooms and bathrooms. Custom mirrors work as an aesthetic piece in almost any room. Plus, they distribute light into dark areas, increase the sense of size in small spaces and serve as a great backdrop to art or collectibles.

Glass Doors

Give yourself an incentive to enjoy your patio more often by installing welcoming French doors. Our team at Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL is able to design new patio doors from scratch or update your current glass to a more modern design. Not only will you gain an attractive entryway, but you can also opt for a tempered or energy-efficient glass to improve safety and comfort in your home. Any of these are possible with sliding blinds, decorative glass or double pane windows.

Modern Windows

Our custom glass solutions extend to Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, featuring a metallic coating that reduces the visible light entering your home by 10%. Consider replacing the windows in your home with Low-E glass and receive a range of benefits, including a reduction in glare, UV light, and heat. The furnishings in your home will retain their colors longer without fading, you will save on energy bills, and you will stay safe from the damaging impact of sunrays on the eyes and skin.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL for any of the above custom glass decor solutions or talk to one of our specialists about glass needs for your Oxford home.