Double Pane Window Services for Anniston

Extreme weather events and even normal seasonal changes expose weaknesses in your home's exterior. A few drafty windows will not only make it feel impossible to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in your home, they will also drive up utility bills. Fortunately, the experts at Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL can put new life back in your old windows with our double pane window replacement services.

Modern Window Construction

double pane window

Double pane windows are constructed in the style of insulated glass units (IGUs), which are designed to cut down on temperature transmittance. This means less stress on your heating and air conditioning system as it works to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

An IGU consists of at least two panes of glass separated by a spacer. The space between the panes is typically filled with a material known as a desiccant, which provides insulation and absorbs moisture. Certain models also utilize krypton gas and air to improve performance. Finally, the window edge is covered with a high-grade sealant. When this sealant starts to erode, your windows don't perform at an optimal level. The good news is Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL can replace faulty windows without having to install whole new windows.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Over time, double pane windows can experience wear and broken seals. If you notice your windows have a milky appearance or that condensation is gathering under the panes, it may be time to think about investing in upgrades or replacement. Simply replacing broken seals can eliminate leaks and allow your home to operate as efficiently as possible, no matter what the season.

Installing glass replacements in your existing frames is a great way to invest in your home and improve efficiency without having to break the bank. In fact, customers in the Anniston and Oxford areas are constantly surprised by just how easy and affordable it can be to replace their windows. The best part is a small investment now means a more comfortable home and lower utility bills for many months to come.

Call today to speak with one of our glass specialists and learn more about our range of services and schedule a consultation. We are proud to claim many satisfied customers across the Anniston and Oxford area.