Window Repair & Replacement Services in Anniston, AL

Enjoy convenient and professional glass repair when you select Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL as your glass repair team. Our specialists provide professional repair services to Oxford residents; you can rely on our team at any time of the day. We also offer the best possible customer service and strive to satisfy every client. We exclusively practice industry best techniques and deliver exceptional quality and reliability. Work glass repair or replacement services into your busy schedule thanks to our flexibility and devotion to meeting customer needs.

Window Repair

Emergency Response

The security of your property is endangered the moment glass damage occurs. A broken window is an invitation to pests and disreputable individuals. The broken shards are a hazard, too. Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL offers emergency response services, so your home doesn't remain vulnerable. By boarding up damaged windows, we'll secure your property before ordering any necessary replacement parts to permanently correct the damage. If we can make repairs on the sport, we will complete your service without hesitation.

Double Pane Window Repairs

Oxford homes featuring double pane windows have lower utility costs and enhanced comfort. If these units have broken seals or damaged panes, the value of the window is lost. Restore your savings with our seal repair and pane replacement services.

Specialty Repairs

Our specialists' expertise extends beyond window repair. Ask our team to repair garage door glass, tabletops, patio doors and an assortment of other glass pieces. We offer total glass care for your home, office and automobile.

Window Glass Replacement

Residents of the Oxford and Anniston area needing to have windows replaced should consult with Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL. Our window replacement options include the latest advancements in units, such as insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity panes.

Upgrading Window Components

Enhancing window glass on your property can make your home more efficient, pleasant and valuable. IGUs and low-emissivity windows are great for lowering your utility bills and making it easier to keep the interior climate of your home under control. Special window upgrades can also help to alleviate noise pollution in your home.

More Window Glass Services

Application of Glass Protectant

A glass protectant can prevent the need for future repairs on your windows. Our Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment helps shield window glass from scratching and makes cleaning easy.

Window Tinting

If you have tint added to your windows, they will be more effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays. This reduces sun exposure in your home, which makes a home healthier and lengthens the lifespan of home furnishings. Our specialists will advise you which tint color and style works best for your home and lifestyle.

Repairs on Window Parts

If you're having trouble opening one of your windows, there might be a problem with the unit’s locking mechanism. Our specialists repair or install new window parts to ensure smooth function. Ask us to find locks, balances and latches to restore your windows.

Gain the Advantage

Oxford customers are given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Advantage Plan® when they work with Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL. The Advantage Plan offers the following:

  • Special discounted pricing
  • Home inspections at no charge
  • A guarantee against glass breakage throughout a customer's membership period

Contact us today to learn more about the wonderful glass repair services we offer to customers in the Oxford area.