Custom Mirrors in Anniston, AL

High ceilings and ample natural light are welcome additions to any home. At Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL you can achieve the visual aesthetics that you want with a custom mirror.

A custom mirror magnifies your existing space, creating the illusion of depth, even in the most cramped places in your home. Our custom mirror and glass creations can transform your living areas and bedrooms into showpieces that will wow your friends, family and visitors. Our team of custom glass experts is well trained and has the experience necessary to make the glass piece that you desire.

Enhance Every Room with Custom Mirrors

Living Room Additions

Couches, tables, bookshelves and other pieces of furniture can turn your living room into a cluttered space. The situation becomes even worse when the room lacks sufficient natural lighting to illuminate the darkest reaches of the space. Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL specialists will transform your living room with a unique glass creation:

  • Mirrored walls: Strategically placed on an otherwise bare wall or down a hallway leading into your living room, a mirrored wall will make your living room feel much more spacious.
  • Glass shelving: Make your home decor sleek and sophisticated when you move away from simple wooden shelves and replace them with glass. The glass shelving gives a panoramic view of your pieces and works as a showcase instead of just a storage space.
  • Accent mirrors: Draw attention to the parts of the room where you want visitors to look with accent glass. The mirrors showcase your favorite trophy, reflect an impressive work of art, or redirect and magnify natural sunlight in the room.

Bedroom Options

A custom mirror in your bedroom can improve your mood and make your bedroom feel comfortable. You will want to consider custom glass for:

  • Enhanced natural light: The lack of natural light in the bedroom is a serious problem that leads to depressed moods and loss of energy. Use mirrors in your hallway and bedroom to enhance the natural sunlight the room. If reflecting natural light into the room is too difficult, the mirrors can also strengthen muted desk lights to light the room.
  • Standing mirrors: The mirror above your bathroom sink is perfect for checking your hair before you go out, but it does little to help you check your overall appearance. A floor-length custom mirror from Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL allows you to look your best every time you leave your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Pieces

Custom glass in your kitchen and bathroom is a surefire way to impress your visitors.

  • Mirrored backsplash: Adds the illusion of depth in your kitchen, which is ideal for homes without a large center kitchen space.
  • Framed mirrors: Change the look of the mirrors in your bathroom with framed custom glass. Use the frame to express an element of your personality.

Exceptional Custom Mirror Creation

At Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL we understand just how personal home decorating can be. Our team of glass design and installation experts will consult with you to draw out your custom glass vision. We will then work diligently to bring your ideas to life, so you receive the custom mirror that you want.

Contact us today for a consultation, and begin the process of transforming your home.