Windshield Replacement & Repair in Anniston, AL

If your vehicle’s windshield has suffered damage, it’s often difficult to decide whether a repair or replacement is the best course of action. Glass Doctor® of Anniston, AL has the expertise and knowledge to make the decision for you, and offer the best windshield repair and replacement services throughout Anniston and Gadsden.

windsheild repair

Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor will always seek to repair any damaged windshields rather than replace them, given that windshield repair is often:

  • More convenient
  • Cheaper
  • Better for the environment
  • Safer
  • Easier for insurance companies

We conduct a windshield repair when three variables align.

  • Size: Small chips and cuts on the windshield are less than 3/8-inch deep and three inches long are eligible for a quick repair.
  • Location: A repair is usually appropriate for a damaged area that does not interfere with the driver’s direct line of vision.
  • Timespan: The quicker a damaged windshield is examined, the more likely it is we can conduct a repair as opposed to a whole replacement.
How is it done?

To repair your windshield, Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL specialists go through a particular set of steps:

  • Debris and dirt are extracted from the damaged area.
  • A drill is used to create a clean and clear path.
  • Special resin is injected into the glass.
  • The resin cures, restoring the windshield’s strength.
  • A thorough polish is conducted to alleviate repair marks.

The whole process is usually completed in less than an hour.

Windshield Replacement

When replacing your windshield, Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL specialists go through a specific process:

  • The windshield is carefully removed to avoid damage to the bonding area.
  • We select a replacement windshield matching the original equipment manufacturer's type and quality.
  • The new windshield is replaced following procedures recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council™.
  • The new windshield is inspected to ensure it is safe to go out on the road.

If your new windshield is damaged within 12 months, Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL will repair or replace the glass free of charge.

The Glass Doctor Difference

Don’t risk leaving a seemingly innocent chip on your vehicle’s windshield. Call Glass Doctor today for a fully professional assessment and high-quality service.

Glass Doctor of Anniston, AL is the best windshield repair and replacement company in the Anniston area, offering the expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We will assist you when it comes to filing with your insurance company, and offer support, help and advice through the entire repair or replacement process.

ADAS Technologies

Most newer vehicles are equipped with safety features that help to keep you safe. These features are known as advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, technologies. Some examples of these safety features include lane departure warning systems, forward collision alert, and automated parking. These technologies are often mounted within the front windshield. If your windshield suffers a break or crack, it is important to ensure that your ADAS is still working properly.

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