Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ protectant improves the finish of most surfaces in your home while making them easier to clean too. This surface treatment is perfect for protecting countertops, windows, sinks, toilets and other household surfaces. These areas endure frequent use and are normally prone to scratches as well as a buildup of dirt and grime. Glass Doctor® of Omaha specialists make your life easier with a single application of Clear Choice surface treatment. The treatment makes glass, porcelain, and tile resistant to oil and water. The solution makes the finish resist scratches and hard water stains.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice was developed specifically for delicate surfaces in your home. Over time, fine finishes often develop a dingy appearance in spite of your best efforts. Trying to keep them clean is usually backbreaking work that means you'll be scrubbing with harsh cleaners. Treatment will make your surfaces easier to clean and maintain. Clear Choice offers the following benefits:

  • Creates a smooth, gleaming appearance on surfaces to which it's applied
  • Need to clean less frequently, and when you do have to clean, it's much easier
  • Resistance to damage such as stains and scratches
  • Long-lasting results
  • A single professional application by our specialists lasts for up to five years
  • Prevention of hard water etching
  • Helps surfaces maintain their original beauty for much longer
  • An environmentally and family-friend product

Contact Glass Doctor of Omaha today to receive a professional application of Clear Choice on surfaces in your bathroom and throughout your household. If you're having a new shower or tub enclosure installed, it's the perfect time to add Clear Choice, but we also add it to the surfaces of your other fixtures.