Advance Measurement System

Investing in proactive glass care solutions will take care of the appearance and security of your business. Glass Doctor® of Omaha offers our comprehensive Advance Measurement system to speed up our glass care services when when accidents occur. Out program makes running your business a bit easier!

Creating a Care Plan

To get started, our specialists will conduct a short tour of your business and create a diagram of every pane. This diagram will later be used to locate and replace select glass doors, windows or decor pieces in your business. Each pane is given a unique numerical designation to make this process much faster and easier. All pane requirements are noted to make replacement an easy process.

Faster Emergency Repairs

In the event that glass windows or doors break at your business, don't hesitate to contact Glass Doctor of Omaha for around-the-clock service. Our glass specialists are prepared to respond with comprehensive glass care solutions 24/7. If possible, we will perform the glass replacement immediately, saving you money and avoiding extended board-ups. Our Advance Measurement plan speeds up work orders and allows you to establish a glass care account with our team.

In-Stock Options

If you choose to enroll in our In-Stock a la carte program, our specialists will keep a stockpile of the glass you expect to need in the future, further expediting the replacement process. If certain glass doors or windows tend to become damaged more than others, exercise proactive glass care by pre-ordering the glass you know you'll need.

Advantages of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: One appointment cuts back on costs to you
  • Convenience: Go about your business as usual while we do the work
  • Liability: Alleviate potential hazards to customers
  • Security: Ensure no vandalism, theft or burglary occurs
  • Expedience: Eliminate board-ups and multiple appointments
  • Image: Increase curb appeal and draw in new customer traffic
  • Credit: Setting up a pre-established credit account speeds up work

Contact Glass Doctor of Omaha today for immediate assistance. You may also fill out a quick service request online. Learn more about our Advance Measurement system along with the wide variety of glass solutions our team of specialists provide.