Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Unexpected events are stressful for homeowners, and nothing impacts the feeling of safety and security more than broken windows. When your house is open to a variety of elements, the need to fix it quickly is crucial, if only for peace of mind. Glass Doctor® of Omaha offers around the clock service so we are there when you need us most.

Emergency Home Window Repair Service Day or Night

Emergencies don't happen on a set timeline, which is why Glass Doctor of Omaha provides you an all-access pass to our emergency services. One call is all it takes to bring a mobile repair glass specialist to your home. Our professionals will have the necessary tools to restore safety and security, and we will either perform an emergency board up or repair or replace the broken glass. We’ll also make sure to clean up the area thoroughly from glass and other hazardous debris, so you don’t have to worry about where you step. In the case of board ups, our glass expert will schedule a future appointment to come back and finish your window replacement.

Professional Glass Repair

Our skilled specialists are able to quickly assess each situation and come up with an ideal solution. We will work to get you the best savings without compromising your home’s integrity or your safety. We do home window repairs and replacements using the industries best practices, so you can rest assured that your home is once again ready to brave any emergency situations that might arise.

Specialty Emergency Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Omaha will take on any pane of glass. We work with everything from basic glass to custom or oversized panes. During a visit, our specialist takes accurate measurements and makes sure to clarify what you want in order to procure a replacement. Any repairs we can’t accomplish in a single day will be handled as soon as the correct replacement arrives.

Unforeseen events don’t have to feel as stressful with Glass Doctor of Omaha on your team. If you have any questions about emergency home window repair or our other professional glass services, contact us today.