Custom Glass Solutions

If your home is in need of high-quality glass decor services, Glass Doctor® of Omaha is ready to begin work immediately. Our glass specialists are equipped and qualified to assist our customers with the customization of all kinds of glass, including tabletops, mirrors, doors, shelves and windows. Our team offers the best custom glass solutions in the Omaha area and provides additional services that allow you to protect your home including the installation of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. At Glass Doctor of Omaha we care about our customers, and promise to provide every single one with nothing but the very best in home glass solutions.

Custom Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor of Omaha, we are deeply concerned with ensuring that your home looks exactly the way you want it to. This is why our team offers personalized home glass solutions, where we work side by side with each customer to make sure every piece of glass looks exactly as they would like it. Simply schedule an appointment with a member of the Glass Doctor of Omaha team and our glass specialists will come to you to conduct a professional consultation of your home, determining what types of glass designs can be installed safely around your home.

Glass Doctor of Omaha offers several custom decor glass solutions including:

  • Glass Tabletops & Shelves: Our team creates a wide variety of custom designs for both new and existing furniture
  • Mirrors: We offer many mirror products including full-mirrored walls, vanity hanging mirrors, shelving and full-length closet mirrors, cut to your personal specifications. Select from a variety of designs, colors and edge.
  • Doors: Glass Doctor of Omaha provides a range of custom glass solutions for entryway, patio and French doors. Embellish you entryway decorative matching panes and window enhancements, interior sliding blinds or specialty glass.

custom mirror

Home Glass Protection

Our team’s expertise in home glass protection is unmatched. To save your furniture from the damaging effects of UV rays, we offer tinted or coated glass tabletops and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. Due to the reflective nature of the glass, Low-E windows are hugely advantageous for your home because they:

  • Reduce light pollution and glare by 10%
  • Prevent UV rays damaging furniture
  • Reflecting sunlight to help keep home temperatures stable
  • Reduce energy costs

Our team is able to install them at a moment’s notice, allowing you to slash your energy bills and boost your home’s resale value while keeping your interior safe.

At Glass Doctor of Omaha we are concerned with making your home look its absolute best, but are equally preoccupied with ensuring your personal safety. We offer tempered or laminated glass, which is particularly useful for homes with children as this glass is designed to shatter safely, and also provide energy-efficient windows. Call Glass Doctor of Omaha at 402-218-2082 or fill out our online form today to receive the very best service in home decor glass solutions.