Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Omaha is proud to call ourselves an industry partner for diverse glass needs. From the initial installation of exterior window and door glass to the continued maintenance of interior, decorative and functional glass, no matter your business' glass need you can count on Glass Doctor of Omaha.

Retail Establishments

Regardless of the area, glass plays an important role in both the functionality and esthetics of retail businesses. We can provide options for display cases, changing rooms, partitions, decorative glass and product display cases. Available options include high-security glass for jewelers and other unique applications, as well as custom glass to provide the right decor to set your business apart.

apartment windows

Restaurant Glass Care

Restaurants need a variety of commercial glass repair and care. From the initial entrance glass to welcome customers to the display cases for food and beverages, we can create an enticing appearance. Spoil customers with glass decor designed to suit your service and outdoor tabletop options for a more natural dining experience. Consider glass dividers and privacy partitions to offer your guests an intimate environment.

Multi-unit Housing Complexes

Apartment and condominiums require commercial and residential glass care, Glass Doctor of Omaha is familiar with both types of glass care and will serve your various needs. Unlike many other clients, housing managers require a wide variety of glass replacement and repair services, and need repairs done immediately. From windows and sliding doors to interior glass needs such as shower enclosures and vanity mirrors, your residents expect prompt attention. Glass Doctor of Omaha is available 24/7 to provide glass care, repair and installation.

Colleges and Schools

Educational institutions have unique glass requirements, which our specialists will establish during an initial assessment visit. Count on our team to upgrade your school's windows and doors or install unique pieces such as trophy cases, security entrances, locker room mirrors and more. Glass Doctor of Omaha is ready to offer advice and solutions to ensure your campus is safe, functional and stylish.

Municipal Glass

Our most diverse customers are municipal governments who require both structural and automotive glass. No matter if the building is a government run hospital or postal office, our specialist will cut overhead costs to save tax payers money. We offer options for energy efficient glass, such as out low-emissivity panes or double pane windows. We also address security applications like those required by municipal jails and police cruisers.

If you need commercial glass repair, replacement or installation for your Omaha business, call Glass Doctor of Omaha for a consultation. Whether you're building a new business or need periodic repair, Glass Doctor of Omaha provides the quality and expertise you want and deserve.