Custom Glass Solutions

Custom decor in your Manitoba home is not something that you have to dream about when Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg is on your side. From custom mirrors that brighten a room to windows that protect your belongings from the sun’s harmful rays, glass instantly transforms a space, making it more inviting, comfortable and engaging. The bespoke creations that you’ve always wanted are just a phone call away.

Personal Service

You spent a lot of time making your home look beautiful. Rather than hunt through retail stores for solutions that might work out, order custom decor that reflects exactly what you want. The creations that Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg makes match your preferences down to the last detail. When you meet with a glass specialist for an onsite consultation, you will learn about the variety of custom options available, including tints, shapes, thicknesses, edge profiles and materials. Our team will then guide you through every step of the process, from design to installation.

Choose Your Options

Glass tabletops: Enhance the durability of the tables throughout your home with made-to-measure glass overlays that will protect them from scratches, stains and spills. In addition to adding glass to existing furniture, Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg can make tabletops. Be sure to speak to a specialist about all the custom options we have to offer.

Glass shelves: Gain extra storage without the bulk of traditional shelves and bookcases with custom glass shelves. Perfect for washrooms, kitchens and bars, glass shelves are simple to clean and resist mould. Use them in a living room, office or dining room to give your guests a hands-free way to view artwork and collectibles from multiple angles.

Mirrors: Hanging a mirror strategically will amplify the lighting in a room, make the space seem larger and add character. When creating this type of custom decor, a glass specialist will provide suggestions regarding the best sizes for your needs and the best places to hang a mirror for the effects you desire.

French doors and patio doors: Make a statement with a welcoming patio or French door. The custom options available at Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg ensure that you receive the level of privacy and protection you want without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality.

Protection from the Sun

With time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays fade and discolor artwork, paint, carpeting, furniture, curtains and other belongings. Protect them with low-emissivity windows, which have metallic particles that reflect UV rays while allowing natural light to fill a room. Glass specialists can apply low-E film to existing windows, instantly upgrading them without the expense of replacement panes. Custom decor is within your reach. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg today and let us know about the bespoke items of your dreams. We’ll make them a reality.