Double Pane Windows

Creating a comfortable indoor environment requires the right insulation. Often, windows are the primary element in homes that determine whether you experience energy savings or expensive losses. Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg delivers measurable cost-saving solutions by conducting double pane window replacements. Our glass experts perform a variety of upgrades and restorations that alter your building’s R-value, making homes and offices more energy efficient by increasing their thermal resistance and heat transference capacity.

Modern Innovation

double pane window

In the same way that communications and logistics processes have benefited from modern innovation, so too have building materials. Windows installed in homes thirty years ago have typically outlived their usefulness. A double-pane window that shows signs of cloudiness, moisture between the panes, or cracked seals is past its effectiveness and has lost the ability to properly insulate your home. To compensate for the air seepage, your heating and cooling unit must work harder, which shortens its lifespan.

According to energy-efficient windows “minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.” New double pane window units, also called insulated glass units (IGUs) have the power to significantly reduce your energy usage and your carbon footprint. The windows are designed to reduce heat transference by employing two panes of glass with a space in between them and specialized seals.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the money-saving benefits of IGUs, they also reduce noise pollution inside your home or office. By deadening outdoor sounds and preventing climate controlled air loss, your home is more comfortable. Since windows account for up to 25 percent of a building’s heat loss, new double pane window units pay for themselves very quickly. Plus, lower utility bills reduce your monthly expenses, increasing your expendable income.

Professional Installation

Our glass specialists have years of industry training, knowledge and experience. We conduct on-site consultations to thoroughly asses the current condition of your windows and provide a detailed estimate of our replacement suggestions before any work is performed. Contact Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg to arrange for your professional consultation to begin improving your home’s energy-efficiency and comfort today.