Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

When glass breaks in your home, it's always an emergency. At Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg, we understand that broken glass is a safety hazard for your family, and you need a quick solution. Our glass specialists are available 24 hours a day for all home emergency glass repair services. Whether you have a cracked front window or a shattered sliding glass door, call us to dispatch our mobile repair team right to your home.

Call Us Day or Night for Emergency Glass Repairs

Accidents and weather damage don't always happen during business hours. In fact, at Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg, we know that rowdy family gatherings, backyard practice sessions, and even break-ins are actually more likely to take place on nights or weekends. Instead of finding a home improvement store with late-night hours and trying to board up the damage yourself, just call our repair team for a professional board-up, clean-up, and emergency repair service. We are available every hour of the year to perform on-site repairs.

Restore Your Seal Right Away

Your home is your safe haven, but broken door glass or window glass will instantly break your seal and expose your home to new risks and expenses. As long as your glass is damaged, your home will be vulnerable to energy waste, weather damage and other risks. Call our emergency repair team to restore your seal within hours. We will board up the exposed opening or replace the glass pane if possible. Plan ahead with in-stock replacements for your high-risk glass installations.

Protect Your Family from Broken Glass

Broken windows and doors are security hazards because they expose your home to crime and weather threats. However, any broken glass is also dangerous because of the risk of injury. At Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg, we know how important it is to protect your family from sharp shards and debris. When our mobile repair unit arrives for your home emergency glass repair service, a glass specialist will assess the damage and clean up any broken glass in your home. We also clean up afterwards and make a final sweep for possible safety risks.

Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg is there for you when your window breaks. We are available 24/7 for your home glass emergencies!