Advance Measurement System

You’re managing a business because you have leadership qualities and are a quick decision-maker; you understand economic trends that will impact your bottom line. You also put disaster recovery plans into place before you need them.

That’s why Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg has developed a proactive commercial glass repair program that puts you first in line for replacement and repair during an area-wide glass damage event. You know by now that hailstorms and ice storms can cause destruction to Manitoba property and vehicles en masse. Our Advance Measurement system will have you open for business as quickly as possible.

Proactive Commercial Glass Repair

When you participate in the Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg Advance Measurement program, our professionals will measure all glass and mirror windows, doors, and furniture like glass-top dining or conference room tables, for example. We’ll record the measurement information and make note of current glass ratings and whether or not you want to upgrade if replacement is needed. We’ll diagram each glass location and also record your insurance and credit information. We can work directly with your insurance company, and file necessary paperwork, too.

24/7 Emergency Service

Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg responds to glass emergencies any time, day or night. Our team of first responders will secure the damage site and board-up openings to prevent additional damage from weather or vandals. We’ll clean all debris and glass shards from the area to protect employees and pedestrians. If the glass needed for replacement is pre-measured and in stock, we can affect the repair in one visit! If not, we’ll return at a time convenient to you to complete the repairs.

Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg

When your property suffers from glass damage, Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg will do all we can to minimize business interruptions that may cause you to lose time and money. After, all we’re in business just like you. And our glass specialists live here in Manitoba, so it just makes sense to offer the best possible service at the most reasonable price to our friends and neighbours.

When you’re ready to discuss proactive commercial glass repair for your company, call or contact us for more information. If there’s a severe weather event in North Winnipeg, you’ll be up and running while others are still waiting for repairs. The Advance Measurement system is one business decision you’ll be glad you made!