Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is the ideal piece of decor, offering both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and function. Carefully selected and crafted custom mirrors can enhance any space by spreading warmth and glow throughout your home and reflecting your true personality. Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg specialists will put their years of experience to use for you. We will recommend custom glass solutions that suit your home, and carefully install them according to your instructions. We work with standard sizes as well as custom shapes to fit your piece to any space.

Customer Mirror Enhancement Opportunities

Reflect Light in the Room

Light is attracted to glass surfaces and bounces off it, allowing an entire room to be basked in a soft glow. Make use of this attractive quality by:

  • Strategically placing a mirror directly across from a source of natural light.
  • Placing mirrors across from each other so that light bounces off of them in continuous rays.
  • Adding mirrors to dark areas, such as entryways and hallways, coupled with task lighting, artificial lighting and candles.
  • Placing a mirror on the wall above your dining table so that it picks up the light from your chandelier.
  • Add a custom mirror on top of a dining room table, coupled with candles to wash the table with light.

Add Cohesion

Custom mirrors can echo the existing style in the home. While adding an additional decorative touch, they are also able to serve as an extension of the pieces you have already selected. Custom mirrors are made to your specifications regarding size, frame choice and edge detail.

Emphasize a Piece

Custom mirrors that are placed by fantastic art emphasize texture and colours found in the piece. Carefully select the location where you want a custom mirror installed, so you can reflect its beauty. Hang a mirror to direct natural light by one of your favorite art pieces. Consider adding mirrored shelves to further emphasize sculptures and collectibles.

Make a Statement

Custom mirrors are meant to stand out. A beautiful mirror can serve as the focal point in your room. Some suggestions to accomplish this look include:

  • Place a large mirror in a prominent location in your home while keeping other decor to a minimum.
  • Place a mirror over a natural focal point to further emphasize it, such as a fireplace or focal wall.
  • Add a cluster of mirrors together to create your own piece of art.
  • Place a framed, full-size mirror on the floor and rest it on the wall to create a beautiful focal point.

Add the Illusion of Space

Custom mirrors help create optical illusions, such as making a space seem larger, less occupied with furniture and more open. Some tricks of the trade include:

  • Use a large mirror that is three-fourths of the height of the wall to create visual square footage.
  • Hang a mirror across from a window to give the illusion of another window in the space to make it feel bigger and possibly brighter.
  • Install oversized mirrors in dark spaces to add more visual dimension.
  • Add dimension to the space and visually expand it with strategic positioning.
  • Hang mirrors across from see-through doors and windows to reflect the outside in the inside.
  • Add a floor-to-ceiling mirror to make a small room appear to double in space.

For advice and suggestions on how to enhance the beauty of your home through the use of custom mirrors, contact a glass experts from Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg. Schedule an in-home consultation to learn about our custom mirror creations and have our glass specialists expertly take measurements.