Auto Glass Care

Auto glass damage presents driving risks. Small windshield cracks and chips might look trivial, but during volatile temperature changes, they have the power to become very serious. Glass Doctor® of North Winnipeg delivers certified auto glass repair service that solves vehicle glass problems, regardless of their extent. Our knowledgeable experts assess the damage and conduct repairs and replacements, depending on the specific requirements.

Authorized Windshield Repairs

Your windshield is an important structural element of your vehicle, accounting for up to 45% during a head-on collision and over 60% during a rollover incident. We provide authorized auto glass repairs and replacements that restore the integrity and clarity of your vehicle’s glass.

Your windshield is fabricated using laminated safety glass. The fusion process generates a strong material that averts shattering during an impact. Our certified windshield specialists conduct both repairs and full replacements for windshield damage, and will outline the best method for reestablishing vehicle integrity. Depending on the extent of the damage, we determine whether a repair is possible. Cracks less than 7 cm long and chips smaller than 1 cm are typically suitable for our certified auto glass repair procedure.

Windshield replacements are conducted using the latest industry standards and best practices. We utilize the equivalent of your Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) design to ensure the proper fit and retain all working elements. Defrosters, embedded radio equipment, and any other components are considered, so that your replacement glass performs exactly like new.

Comprehensive Auto Glass Care

The glass used for side windows, sunroofs, and rear windshields are created using a tempering process. This allows the glass to form manageable chunks when broken. As a safety feature, this means that any damage requires replacement. Our auto glass specialists work to restore your damaged glass quickly and expertly.

We also provide a variety of protections that are designed to strengthen your auto glass and improve driver visibility. Options include:

  • Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant: This one time application protects your auto glass from surface scratches, mineral deposits, and weathering for five years. It also improves driver visibility during inclement weather by causing water to bead and channel away from the line of sight.
  • Laminates and Films: Security films and laminates provide an additional layer of protection against breakages.
  • Windshield Protection Plan: Included with every windshield replacement, this package prevents unnecessary costs if your windshield requires a replacement within 12 months of the original work. Your windshield costs are covered against normal road hazards. Our Future Installation Option or Value Packages are available for an additional charge, covering the labour costs of a future replacement.

Keeping your vehicle in top condition is an investment in safety. Contact Glass Doctor of North Winnipeg to arrange for reliable auto glass repair service today.