Customize Your Home with Our Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Delaware offers glass and mirror products for every room in your Newark home. We have standard or custom options from doors to custom glass decor. Choose from many decorative glasses, mirrors, and UV protection coating. Every one of our glass decor specialists is highly trained and cares about your glass needs.

a male Glass Doctor service professional placing a glass tabletop on a table while a man and woman watch him Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whether you want to protect and accent an existing piece of furniture or want a new tabletop made of glass, Glass Doctor of Delaware has a variety of tabletops to suit your Newark home’s design.

Glass Doctor of Delaware custom cuts glass in various shapes and sizes with colored finish options and several detailed edges. We also offer resistant coatings and tempered and break resistant glass. Our glass specialists will guide you through safely handling any heavy glass item.

Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor of Delaware has a mirror product to fit any environment. We specialize in bathrooms, vanity and full-length mirrors in every shape and size. If you want something unique, consider adding a decorative edge to your mirror, including beveled and decorative. No matter what your glass decor desires, one of our glass specialists can create a custom-cut mirror to satisfy your cosmetic desires.

Patio and French Doors

Your door is the first impression most people notice when they enter your Newark home. Glass Doctor of Delaware offers whole glass doors and panels to door glass and side windows.

At Glass Doctor of Delaware, we have many ways for you to customize your perfect door. Glass options range from decorative to laminated panes. We also offer double pane glass with interior blinds.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is windows coated with materials that filter and reduce light by 10%. Low-E glass’s ability to reduce light allows it to be a natural insulation. It reduces the amount of heat that is transferred into the room when the sun rests on it.

A byproduct of the light reducing effect of Low-E windows is reduced sun damage. The UV rays that damage home furnishings, wallpaper, paint, and carpets are greatly reduced. This extends the lives of fabrics in the path of the sun.

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