Double Pane Windows Help You Save Energy & Money

Your home is more than just a personal statement; it is a shelter that keeps your family safe from outside elements. Like the roof, windows block the wind, rain, snow, and noises outside. While windows are great for flooding the rooms in your home with natural light, this light can also cause inside temperatures to rise.

Even though you may welcome the extra warmth during the winter, the extra heat gain during the summer can cause your cooling system to work overtime. Glass Doctor® of Delaware offers different types of insulated glass units (IGUs) - like double-pane windows - that help maintain home comfort levels and save energy.

Insulated Glass: Double Pane Windows

A unit of insulated glass, a double-paned window uses two glass panes that an insulated spacer separates. Glass Doctor of Delaware uses different types of insulated spacers based on your needs, including warm edge “super spacers” or those with desiccant materials that absorb moisture.

To prevent moisture-related problems from forming between the panes, like condensation, our service professionals use a high-grade sealant. To provide additional insulation, our glass professionals may fill the spacer with argon or krypton gas.

The Big Benefit: Save Energy with Double Pane Glass Windows

Double pane windows help reduce energy loss in a home. In the winter, the glass prevents the escape of warm air; during the summer, double pane windows reduce heat gain from the sun’s rays. Because the seals on insulated glass prevent the escape of air from inside your home, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, lowering your energy bills.

Maintenance: Replacing Double Pane Windows

When you see fog or condensation between the panes of your IG unit, the seal may be broken. Instead of buying a whole new window, call Glass Doctor of Delaware. Our glass specialists may be able to replace the glass within the window and install new seals within the existing frame, saving you the expense of buying a new window.

Booking an Appointment: Glass Doctor of Delaware

When you want to improve your home’s energy performance, Glass Doctor of Delaware offers a variety of insulated glass options to upgrade your existing single-pane windows. If the seal in your double pane window breaks, we’ll work around your schedule to install a replacement. Contact our team to schedule an appointment and start saving money on your utility bills today.