Advance Measurement System


A comprehensive disaster preparedness plan includes steps to recover after any incident. Glass Doctor® of Delaware encourages business owners to include proactive glass care in all their short- and long-term preparedness plans to ensure quick recovery after an incident. When you participate in the Advance Measurement System, you receive priority emergency glass repair services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

Proactive Glass Care

When you sign up for our proactive glass care program an expert from Glass Doctor of Delaware will visit your commercial property to inspect and measure the glass. During the inspection, the glass specialist will make notes regarding the types of glass found throughout the building, as well as any glass-related safety code requirements that need special attention. Using the notes, the specialist will create a diagram of the property and identify the locations of all the glass using numbers. Glass Doctor of Delaware keeps a copy of the diagram with your account information and you receive a copy for your files.

Call Glass Doctor of Delaware as soon as glass breaks on the property. Use the diagram to let us know which panes broke. Since the measurements and pertinent details regarding the panes are on file, glass specialists will proceed with repairs right away. Pre-establish credit and providing Glass Doctor of Delaware with thorough contact information expedite the repairs.

Faster Repairs with Pre-Ordered Panes

When you sign up for the Advanced Measurement System, consider which panes of glass are most crucial to your operation. Add our n-Stock program to your disaster plan to ensure we always have the panes you need in stock. We pre-order the glass and keep them at our shop.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement System

The price of broken glass includes more than the replacement cost of the panes. You must also factor in the cost of the business losses you may experience because of broken glass. The Advance Measurement System is designed to minimize such losses and:

  • Return to normalcy more quickly
  • Reduce safety risks associated with broken glass
  • Reestablish the property’s security
  • Minimize the aesthetic impacts
  • Save you money and time, as we complete most repairs in one trip

Broken panes are bad for business. Use the Advanced Measurement System to minimize their impact. Sign up with Glass Doctor of Delaware today.