Custom Mirrors

Decorating with custom mirrors makes it easy to express your personal style. Glass Doctor® of Delaware understands exactly how to build comfort, savings and individuality into your living space using custom mirror solutions. Whether you are commissioning a number of items for a new home, or you'd like to improve the functionality and appearance of your current rooms, our skilled industry specialists are able to fabricate custom mirrors that reflect your envisioned design.

Illuminate Your Interiors

Harness the power of natural light by channeling it into your home with custom mirrors. When situated in key locations, mirrors scatter the sunlight that filters through your windows, lowering your energy costs by reducing your dependence on electric lights during the day.

This technique also works after the sun goes down. Placing custom mirrors near interior sconces, in hallways or at similar strategic areas within your home magnifies the warm glow of lamplight, increasing the illumination in your rooms, without increasing your energy costs.

Enlarge Your Space

Mirrors have the ability to generate an illusion of greater depth and interior space. Perfect for small areas, a custom mirror reflects surrounding surfaces to increase the impression of roominess. Our custom mirror service allows you to choose from a variety of applications including mirrored walls, borders or free form designs that accentuate the structural elements in your home.

Application options include:

  • Tiled mirror backsplashes that enlarge the appearance of kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Recurring geometric shapes that create an interesting pattern while blending into the decor
  • Panel mirrors on bedroom walls or closet doors
  • Keystone shaped accent mirrors that frame open arches and highlight entryways

Celebrate Your Individuality

In addition to reducing your energy costs and increasing the illusion of space, custom mirror designs allow your decorating genius to flourish. Our glass experts are able to guide you concerning load bearing requirements and installation parameters. With years of hands-on experience and practical know-how they are ready to assist you with custom mirror solutions designed specifically for your home or business.

Choose mirrored shelves or backdrops to reflect treasured sculptures, collectibles or artifacts. Situate framed pieces in order to echo images of artwork throughout a room. The applications are truly endless. Our wide selection of options allow you to create one-of-a-kind accent pieces using:

  • Specific edge designs
  • Tints and colors that coordinate with your existing themes
  • Shapes that accentuate surroundings

Contact Glass Doctor of Delaware to arrange for an on-site consultation today, and begin transforming your living spaces with custom mirror designs.