Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Put a breath of fresh air in the decor of your home or business with the addition of custom glass tabletops and shelving. Glass tabletops and shelving add elegance and space to any room. They even save you time and money with easy clean up and protection for furniture.

More Than Windows

When we think of the glass in our homes, windows are the first pieces that come to mind. Glass Doctor® of Delaware expert consultants will bring the fluid beauty of glass tabletops to every room in your home. A consultation with our specialists will help you design the perfect pieces to meet your needs and style. Variations in edgework detail, thickness and tint make custom glass tabletops and shelving an ideal solution for any area or your home or business, even where safety issues may be a concern.

Beyond Plain Glass

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass Doctor of Delaware will create custom glass tabletops from scratch that are standalone glass pieces. But, glass tabletops are also ideal for protecting and enhancing existing furniture. Consider adding the luster of glass to pieces like:

  • Dining and conference tables
  • Writing desks
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Antique furniture

Extended Life and Greater Safety

Tinted glass protects your furniture. The glass will shield any surface from scratches and dings that come from normal wear and tear. The tints allows natural light to flood your space and play off your favorite pieces without exposing them to harmful UV rays that fade and damage them.

For outdoor areas like patios and pools, custom glass tabletops are the perfect solution. These pieces are hardy and durable against the elements, but can pose safety hazards as friends and family run and play. Special safety glasses like laminated and tempered glass create gorgeous outdoor settings without the worry of someone getting hurt.

Custom Glass Shelving

The right glass piece can create an environment of form and function that is matchless. Custom glass shelving provides several benefits to any home or business.

  • Cut down on clutter
  • Highlight your favorite pieces
  • Easy to keep clean


Glass Doctor of Delaware will help you select thicknesses, tints and edgework for your shelves that creates a dramatic backdrop for your treasures.

Get Organized

Custom shelving allows you to create perfect spaces for all the objects you love in your home or business. From kitchens and studies to closets and bathrooms, a well-designed glass shelving system becomes a work of art.

Our Glass Doctor of Delaware consultant will help you decide the critical elements to make your shelves shine:

  • Style and design
  • Height and configuration
  • Number of shelves and spacing
  • Type of glass
  • Tinting and color options

Create a beautiful interior with the addition of custom glass tabletops and shelving units. Contact our team today for a free consultation.