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Custom Glass Solutions

Custom glass pieces are the perfect way to add beauty, personality and value to your home. Open up your space with custom mirrors or create a beautiful view with French and patio doors. Protect your furniture and rugs from dangerous UV rays by selecting low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Livonia, MI, will help you through every step to design the perfect custom glass piece.

Glass Shelves and Tabletops

Glass tabletops are one of the best ways to protect your tables, and glass shelves provide vital storage space while preserving a room's light, airy look. Our glass specialists will discuss various features during an in-home consultation, ask our advice on glass thickness, tint and type to ensure every pane meets the functional needs of your home.

We measure, design and create custom glass tabletops for both new and existing tables and desks. Choose from any number of shapes, sizes and finished edges. As you design your custom glass pieces, consider tinted or coated glass to protect your furniture from UV rays. To protect children and pets from broken glass, you may also choose laminated or tempered glass.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors open up a space, augment natural lighting and add to a room's aesthetic appeal. Our glass specialists will help you design the perfect mirrors to complement your home decor.

Patio and French Doors

Our glass specialists install and repair broken door glass, and will also install side windows to flank your front door. We'll also renovate your entryway to match your specifications and add value and beauty to your home.

We offer several varieties of glass inserts. For instance, energy-efficient glass cuts down on your power bills and keeps your home comfortable year-round. Decorative glass adds beauty and personality to your home. Thanks to the partnerships we've cultivated with glass vendors, we receive in-stock door glass rapidly and have a broad range of designs available.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E windows have greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Low-E coats consist of a thin layer of metal that cuts down on glass' visible light transmission by roughly 10% without losing the beauty of natural light.

Low-E glass cuts down on glare and UV radiation, which cuts down on sun damage in your home. Your drapes, carpets, sofa and other furniture will maintain their bright colors, and look their best longer. This unique technology also reduces energy costs and keeps your home comfortable, by letting sunlight in while keeping heat out.

Take the first step toward greater beauty and comfort in your home. Contact us today, and we'll start working with you to design the custom glass pieces you've been dreaming about.