Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Livonia, MI is committed to serving the needs of local businesses. You can rely on our experts to provide commercial glass care and superior customer service. Whether you need help maintaining a large facility, completing a remodel or repairing window and door hardware, our Commercial Care program is designed to address a variety of needs. Under this plan, you will enjoy a long list of benefits aimed to save you time, reduce costly repairs and keep your business running smoothly. Perhaps most importantly, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having access to our after-hours priority response team, which is available 24/7 to repair and replace broken glass.

Glass Care for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

Providing a safe, beautiful and well-maintained environment for both current and potential residents is your top priority. With an array of glass installations, such as windows, patio doors, outdoor common areas and gym mirrors, it can feel like something always needs to be repaired. Fortunately, our experts will help. Call on us for all your upgrade, repair and installation needs and all your residents will enjoy a 15% discount on any auto glass repairs they might need.

apartment windows


Glass is an essential part of creating warm and inviting dining experience and providing a practical and functional workplace for employees. Patios doors, glass partitions, decorative mirrors and other strategically place glass decor combine to provide the perfect ambiance that will make your restaurant a local destination. We can also work with you to improve your food preparation and service areas with glass solutions like sneeze guards and improved drive-thru windows.

Schools and Universities

Our commercial glass care services can help your school or university improve and maintain a wide range of facilities. From simple glass table tops to laboratory windows that incorporate additional safety features, there are practically no limits to what our experts can help you achieve. We offer both fire-resistant glass and special protective glazing, which can increase safety in living quarters and other high traffic areas. Call on our team to maintain the beauty of your campus and provide a safe and beautiful place to live and learn.


Running a business means worrying about a variety of details. Let Glass Doctor of Livonia, MI provide all the glass installation and repair services for your entryways, display cases, dressing room mirrors, shelving and other glass needs. With our commercial glass care services, you can save money by upgrading to energy efficient and low maintenance options and improve safety with bullet resistant and business grade glass. Choose from decorative etching, stain and bevel options to create the perfect look and feel for your store.

Hotels and Motels

When your success depends on providing an inviting environment that keeps guests coming back to stay, rely on Glass Doctor of Livonia, MI. We provide the best in both form and function to our clients. Add the illusion of space to rooms and increase natural light with mirrors and provide easy to operate doors that welcome guests and make a great first impression.

Cities and Municipalities

Make sure all your public buildings are operating properly and running as efficiently as possible by installing low-energy and low-maintenance options guaranteed to significantly reduce utility bills and maintenance costs. Our glass options are made to increase safety and reduce fire hazards. Whether you need to upgrade an existing building or to complete new construction projects, our commercial glass care program will find the perfect solution.

Contact us today to find out more about our specialty glass options and how our team can serve your business.